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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This winter thing!

I have this love/hate relationship with winter.

I don’t like the fact that at most times my body is bordering on hypothermia. Spending twenty minutes to clothe myself with layer upon layer of winter woolies therefore restricting me to geriatric mobility is one more thing to put a frown on my brow. And with all this clothing on, taking it off in record time to go to the bathroom, after prolonging the inevitable contact of a cold loo seat, is nothing short of a humongous effort.

Then I love all those favorite comfort foods especially the soups, the guiltless hot pure chocolate drinks, snuggling under thick warm blankets, the log fire, basking in the sun with a cup of tea, boots (I’m a sucker for a pair of boots), the misty days with the foghorns in the distance, and those long hot soaks in a bathtub.

With a mind that feels as if it is hibernating I’ll be marking off the days till Spring.

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  1. I can relate Cynthia! Feel exactly the same about winter.