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Friday, July 8, 2011

just natural soap

My journey into soap making began as a response to personal skin care issues. I discovered that using a soap made with natural ingredients that I could pronounce, compared to the commercially bought product which ingredient list was completely confusing with chemical components that were mind boggling, put paid to unwanted skin reactions and personal issues that I had endured for many years.

My first batch of soap that I made, more than ten years ago, I still recall with fond memories. At the time I resided in an apartment on the 2nd floor. With a pot, bucket, spoon, thermometer and 3 oils, recipe and instructions, a pair of swimming goggles and gloves, with mixed feelings of excitement and fear (kids were informed only to come into the garage if I hadn’t returned by nightfall); I set off to the garage on the ground floor. With shaking hands, inaccurate scale, not to mention the difficulty in seeing clearly through misted up goggles which were also interfering with my breathing, I weighed and patiently stirred with sweaty palms, and stood gob-smacked when my alkaline solution and oils saponified. An ice-cream container was used as a mold. I hardly slept that night, my mind was all over the place; did I follow all the instructions properly, did I insulate it enough, did I pour into the mold at the right time, would I have soap. And yes I did. Beautiful, unscented, pure and natural soap. Waiting for it to cure over the ensuing weeks, I lovingly touched and smelt and admired those beauties, checking the calendar every day just to make sure I had calculated correctly when I could start using them. The day arrived, and I fell in love. Twice over.  Making soap is a very addictive and deeply satisfying process. I had created something that was not only a useful everyday item; I was also rewarded with something that was beautiful and good for me and my family.

Over the years I have made many batches of soap, used different combinations of oils and butters, added botanicals, spices and essential oils, only allowing integrity and practicality of ingredients to curb my creativity and imagination.

It’s pure, it’s simple ……

It’s unscented ……

Just natural soap.

The same one the Julian gang still prefer.


  1. I only started soapmaking some months ago. But for me it was exactly the same as for You. I could not sleep the night, when I had made my first soap. I always had to look. And I was so proud when it really had become soap. Soapmaking is highly addictive. :-)))

  2. The soap looks lovely Cynthia! I can just smell it..... all fresh and natural. Great pic's!

  3. looks wonderfull! I like it.


  4. Hi Cynthia,
    You just won the "The Versatile Blogger Award"!
    Congratulations and have fun!
    You are one of my favorite,
    Have a wonderful week-end,