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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

oat bastille soap

Although bubbles are so good, I love a soap that has more of a creamy lather and can quite happily forgo a bar of soap that has a needless abundance of bubbles, especially for a facial bar.

As we all know, a Castille Soap, although very creamy can feel somewhat slimy (an acquired liking for some). And thats where a Bastille Soap steps up to the plate and is more to my liking.

oat bastille soap

With a minimum of 70% olive oil for its gentle cleansing properties, it allows a soapmaker to have more play with the qualities of the finished soap with the remaining 30% blend of oils.

oat bastille soap
 Although not scented with any essential or fragrance oils, the added oatmilk and colloidal oats imparts a subtle fragrance. The verdict is still anxiously awaited on whether the Kaolin clay which was added on the spur of the moment will be a future additive.

Which is your preference, a Castille or Bastille soap?

Greetings from Cape Town
x Cynthia x