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Monday, April 18, 2011

Loving all 29 of them!

I love celebrating my birthday. I even love the build up to it, counting the days, the anticipation of what the day holds for me. Everyone and anyone who crosses my path prior to my birthday gets informed in one way or another that I am having a birthday soon. For me, celebrating my birthday is all about the great gift of life that was given to me; that by God's Grace I was born.

So, every now and again, you will hear how much time before my birthday. However, today someone very special and dear to me celebrates his, and celebrating this birthday is even better than celebrating my own. Just after nine o'clock on a Sunday morning, 29 years ago, my first-born, shortly after taking his first breath, was placed in my arms. Just as many mothers before me, and many mothers still to come will tell you, nothing can compare with that moment.

On that cold morning, in my arms I held the things to come. Many diaper changes and many more feeding times, bath times, grazed knees and bruises; lost teeth and school clothes, height charts, certificates, progress reports and medals; sport seasons, sport equipment and many sport days; friends, girlfriends, hamsters and bicycles; and much, much more!

I held future laughter and tears, joy and sadness, victories and defeats, milestones and possibilities. Nestled in my arms was a 4.1kg baby boy with 'still a lot of awesomeness to come, still to bring great pride and joy, still to bring a lot of love'.

As I sit here vividly remembering that day, I can't help wondering who gave you permission to grow up so quick. (It was probably me when I wished the 'teenage phase' would pass). Today, physically you are much taller than 55cm and you weigh a bit more than then, so as everyday, but especially today, I can only hold ALL of you in my heart; with my arms I can hug and hold you close; in my voice and in my eyes you will hear and see my love for you. Brendon, you are everything and much more than I held in that nursing home way back then.

 May this day be as special to you as what it is to me, may your year be filled with love as you have filled mine, and may you always know how special and loved you are.


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  1. I love your writing style. Can't wait to read more!